Big Changes

Dear Loyal Customers, and Fans of Ted Blocker Holsters,


We are very sad to have to announce a temporary suspension of our online and in person Shop. 

We received a devastating blow this week when the new landlord of the space we rent here in Tigard, Oregon, a California based company, refused to come to a decent mutual agreement for an ongoing lease.  Ted Blocker Holsters has been in this location for over 20 years, and it is really hard to be forced out.  This whole last year has been crushing to small businesses, and continues to be hard for us with the hikes in prices for nearly every buckle, bolt and snap we use, and now this. 

Ted Blocker Holsters has weathered storms for 49+ years, and we look to do so again.  

Since they are only giving us till the end of May, we are having to pause all new online and in person orders, until we know where we can operate out of next.  We will be spending these few short weeks fulfilling all of the current orders, and chipping away at the behemoth task of moving all of our equipment.

To support us through this transition phase, we would so appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  If you want to support us by purchasing items that we have on hand and ready to go, we have Hats, Suspenders, a selection of Belts, and some Holsters available.  Please be on the look out for them to be added to the website in the coming days.  


We thank you all for your business, and we look forward to offering you our famous Ted Blocker Holster quality items again soon.

~Phyllis & the entire Devine Family